Added additional gateway and static route now internet dies about every 6 hours...

  • Hi All,

    I have pfsense running for about 3 months and internet access so far have not failed.

    2 days ago, I got a new IP PBX phone system. The pfsense is, WAN interface is DHCP, LAN interface DHCP disabled... Windows server is the DHCP server for network.

    I have the IP PBX phone system on network. The IP for the PBX appliance is

    On pfsense, I set up a gateway and then set a static route with destination network

    The past day, the internet went down when I got into the office. I renewed the WAN IP lease and everything was fine. About 6 hours later, internet went down again... I had to do the same thing.
    Today, then internet went down again...

    I suspect it has something to do with the added gateway and static route...

    Anyone has any input?


  • @sho1sho1sho1 Please show Diagnostics / Routes

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