Suggested settings and plugins for a home/resturnat setup

  • So we got the hardware but we are unsure of whats the ideal setup and plugins .

    We have a primary cable coming in and a fall back dsl to setup for fallover/fallsback which should be straight forward (we hope lol)

    We of course don't want the ads.

    And of course we want to blacklist all the bad stuff .

    Thinking of caching but not a main concern at the moment.

    All have to set it up to restart in-case of a power failure or they shall loss their minds in the restaurant if there is a outage that last longer the ups. ;)

    Thoughts? ideas?

  • A Gateway group with the two WANs on different tiers is pretty easy.

    Ads can be blocked by pfBlockerNG.

    Define 'bad stuff'.

    You could use squid + squidguard to do URL filtering.

    Caching is a waste of time these days so don't worry about that.

    Select the ZFS file system for the system disk instead of UFS. If your location has frequent power issues, ZFS is more robust than UFS when it comes to dirty shutdowns.

  • Bad stuff basically any of those sites that are blacklisted or anything trump :)
    Figured there was a plugin for it but iam somewhat out of date on my pfsense.

    Yeah the caching was after though for system items to the equipment.
    Even if i do get around to it the size would be minimal.

    We use zfs on our server so was figuring on that and though we don't get a lot of blackouts we had one Monday that was nearly two hours so figured its a good time to install something that well kick back in without user input needed.

    We have a Asus AC86U which works great using Merlin's firmware but dual wan always been a mess on commercial routers.

    Thanks for the input. :)

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