Very strange problem

  • The setup is more complex than this, but this is a sub-section of it:

    [Border Gateway]–--Ethernet----[fe0–--Pfsense Bridge----fe2]–--Ethernet----[server]

    The IPs are:

    Border Gateway: x.18
    fe0: x.19 (plus a virtual of x.20)
    fe2: None (it's bridged to fe0)
    server: x.21

    If server's gateway is set to x.18, everything works fine.

    However, if it's set to x.19, < 60 seconds into an SSH session initiated from server to the outside world, packets for that session are not forwarded across the bridge. They are received on fe2 but not sent on to fe0. Killing the session and starting a new one works fine, however the same thing happens after < 60 seconds. It must be noted that when a session is initiated from the outside world to server, the same problem does not occur.

    EDIT: It must also be noted that this problem ONLY occurs with SSH. A HTTP connection can sit idle for much longer than this.

    Can anyone explain this strange problem or is this some kind of bug in pfsense?



  • If you firewall is a bridge, it shouldn't be your default gateway.

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