moden dmz to pfsense port forward issues

  • having some issues here i cant find why it wont work, so hoping someone has an idea.

    I have a modem that cant be put into bridge mode because it runs the phone, so turned off the firewall and using dmz to the pfsense

    modem ip:
    pfsense lan ip:
    pfsense wan ip:

    the pc all have internet access going out, but if i try and port forward a nat rule, i cant get in.


    nat usekk.png

    the really strange thing here, even though ive tried a few services and none will connect, i have realvnc port mapped and that connects ok.

    any help that maybe im missing something in the settings somewhere would be great.


  • Internet type and ISP name would be useful..

  • sorted.. the damn modem had port mappings in it, removing and rebooting to clear to state table fixed it. '....Shakes head'

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