No Internet on WAN Interface

  • Hi Guys,

    We have installed a hardware pfsense with 2.4.4 version for the last 2 months and was working fine.
    All of a sudden it stopped working, on the WAN i can see that the gateway cannot be ping.
    At first i though it was an issue from the ISP and i tried to reconnect our old firewall (PaloAlto) to see if it could ping the gateway. With palo alto i can ping it and internet access is granted, i have reconnected pfsense and again same problem with WAN interface, no internet and gateway down.

    From the logs i am not seeing nothing useful, dpinder is failing, you can see some logs below:

    Aug 29 22:51:34 dpinger send_interval 500ms loss_interval 2000ms time_period 60000ms report_interval 0ms data_len 0 alert_interval 1000ms latency_alarm 500ms loss_alarm 20% dest_addr bind_addr identifier "G3 "
    Aug 29 22:51:36 dpinger GW_WAN Alarm latency 0us stddev 0us loss 100%

    Can someone help me out? maybe i am missing something? As this point it seems i bought the hardware for nothing as without internet access its unusable for us.

    Thanks in advanced.


    This is what i see from the WAN Interface settings.

    WAN Interface (wan, igb4)
    MAC Address
    xxxxxxxxxxxxxx - Super Micro Computer
    IPv4 Address
    Subnet mask IPv4
    Gateway IPv4
    IPv6 Link Local
    DNS servers
    1000baseT <full-duplex>
    In/out packets
    4/5704 (160 B/892 KiB)
    In/out packets (pass)
    4/5704 (160 B/892 KiB)
    In/out packets (block)
    106/1 (30 KiB/116 B)
    In/out errors

    Seems like there is some traffic passing but not sure why there is no internet.

  • Is your WAN set to DHCP or static IP? As a quick workaround, you could try going to System - Routing - Gateways. Edit your default gateway and disable Gateway Monitoring and Gateway Action.

  • @KOM Thanks for the reply, So the WAN interface is Static which is one of our public IPs that we got from our ISP.
    Gateway monitoring and Action are already disabled, The issue is that there is no internet coming to the PFSENSE.
    Any ideas please?

  • LAYER 8

    if you didn't change anything and it was previusly working. it can be the network card, maybe try to invert the interface with one you know is working like igb0 / igb1

  • @kiokoman Thanks for the reply, the hardware is still new, only two months old. I do not expect for the network card to cause issues. But this would explain why its an intermittent issue. I will try this and let you know!

  • @kiokoman Hi Kiokoman, Seems its the same issue with the other ports, from logs it giving this error Aug 31 11:53:21 dpinger GW_WAN sendto error: 22, any idea whats this?

  • LAYER 8

    dpinger can't reach your gateway or the interfaces crashed?
    do you have any packages like suricata/snort ?
    does it always happens at the same time of day ?

  • @AnITDude said in No Internet on WAN Interface:

    MAC Address
    xxxxxxxxxxxxxx - Super Micro Computer

    Why are you hiding your MAC address? It's irrelevant beyond the local connection between you and your ISP>

  • @JKnott The MAC i left it Blank, thats why is like that

  • Netgate Administrator

    Run a packet capture on WAN and see what's there.

    You should see some traffic even if it's only failing ARP messages.


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