OpenVPN TAP mode (level 2)

  • Would it be possible to add an option for TAP mode (level 2) OpenVPN, so that we can bridge networks through VPN.

    With OpenVPN, in this TAP mode, we can bridge the openvpn TAP interface with the LAN or Vlans interfaces, this is quite usefull to make small interoffices networks supporting level2 protocols.

    Another very interesting use of this mode is that we can bond OpenVPN TAP interfaces together, to make reliable and very fast failovers.

  • I understand that the OpenVPN screens underwent an entire re-write … like you I am also missing the place to add extra options, such as dev tap

    The good news is that I also hear that those gui options will be forthcoming. You could try and edit the options in /var/etc/openvpn/  manually in the mean time

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