Forward WAN range to single LAN port?

  • Hello,

    I'm running 1.2.2 full on an alix/microdrive.  I've only used the web interface thus far but I can delve in to SSH/terminal if required.

    I want to forward a range to a machine listening on one port.  If someone comes knocking on say, 22940-22949 I want that to "ring" thru to a machine listening on say 33940.  I also want 33940 to listen on some other ports/ranges while I'm in there.

    The way I read the GUI and documentation, if I set the range 22940-22949 on the WAN side and then set the LAN to listen on 33940, its going to forward 22949 to 33949.  Nothing is listening on 33949.

    All ports are fictional to protect the innocent :)

    Thanks for a great, I mean really great, platform.

  • You'll probably have to forward each port individually - what you're after is unusual enough that I doubt many people want it.

  • I need to connect to three different resources for the same type of service, each lives on a different port range.  But I want to run one software client/server that only listens on one port.

    This can't be that obscure a need.  :-\

  • Depends.  If you're talking about having a server listening on a range of ports (such as with VNC) then it's not that unusual, but that's usually because once something has connected to the first port then it becomes unavailable.  What you're talking about is rather different, where the clients connect to (randomly selected?) one (or more?) port from a range of ports, but the server only needs to listen on one.

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