Routing does not work

  • Hello!

    Unable to understand routing.
    You must access another local network through two gateways.
    Gateway 1: weight 2
    Gateway 2: weight 1
    I add these two gateways in System / Routing / Gateways
    Nothing happens, reboot the router and access another network appears in the gateway 1, gateway 1 shut down and access no access
    the network is not carried out through gateway 2, reboot the access router is still not through gateway 2. Remove the gateway 1, restart the service,
    access is still not through gateway 2, reboot the router, and access appears through gateway 2. And!! Attention! Add gateway 1 again,
    and without restarting and restarting the service, communication switches through gateway 1.
    Screenshot_4.jpg Screenshot_3.jpg Screenshot_2.jpg Screenshot_1.jpg

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