Dell R210 ii: pFsense

  • Hey!

    I have the possibility to buy a Dell R210 ii with the following specs;

    Dell PowerEdge R210 II
    E3-1270 v2 3.5GHz 4-Cores 8T
    1x 8GB RAM (max 32gb)
    PERC H200 RAID PCIe kaart
    2x 1tb schijf

    Would this suffice to run pFsense with a modes amount of add-ons?
    Given the price is €120, would you say this is a decent deal?
    I already asked the seller regarding the wattage it sprouts [+/- 50 he claims], most things I've read about the Dell R210 ii's claims they're idling at 20s, would there be anything I could do to limit its wattage?

    Thanks for the advice guys!
    Can't wait to start tinkering with pFsense.

  • Netgate Administrator

    It would be more than sufficient to run whatever you need as long as you don't have multiple Gigabit connections or something similar.
    But it will be loud and consume quite a lot. I would be surprised if you could get that anywhere near 20W. It's not a Dell but I have an E3-1275 v2 system and it runs at ~50W idle. I don't power it on very often! 😉


  • Old dell hardware is great as long as you are'nt paying for the power. I had a bunch of old Dell servers where I used to work because I got free rack space.

  • LAYER 8

    i would think about it, it's a VERY noisy server and maybe too mutch power consuming if you intend to run only pfsense

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