Remote VPN Ipsec Tunnel not reachable from mobile clients

  • Hi Guys,

    Im quite new in ipsec tunnels and stuff, so for now i created a tunnel ipsec between two locations local-net( and remote-net (
    So far, no issues everything working fine.

    After that i had to create mobile users, using openvpn same, no issues, the problem is when the mobile users tries to reach one of the remote address at remote-net ( they are not able to, if they try with local-net ( no issues.

    Can anyone help me with this?

    Thanks in advance.
    ![alt text](network.diagram.JPG image url)

  • @trasher-mx
    perhaps you need to create additional phase 2 in ipsec tunnel settings with traffic selectors<-> (on both sides of the tunnel)

  • Hi, @Konstanti

    I've already did it but didnt work

  • @trasher-mx
    Then you need to show / check the phase 2 settings on both sides of the tunnel
    and show/check the rules on the openvpn interface
    Or using tcpdump to find the place where the packets are blocked

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