Traffic from Firewall trough IPSEC Tunnel fails

  • I have a question/problem...

    I have 3 locations with pfsense firewalls. Location A, B, C
    There is a IPSEC tunnel between AB and BC and AC.

    At the moment my Windows servers are located at Location A.
    We have a new Location B.
    IPSEC tunnel is up and users located at B can work and connect to all resources to Location A.

    I'm now trying to make configure an Authentication Servers on Firewall B, but with an LDAP server located on location A.
    But this always fails to connect.

    If i try to ping from the Firewall B CLI to Firewall A. Request timeout.
    But if i ping from firewall B with ping -S it will work.
    If an host pings, it also works. Looks like the issue is only with traffic that is generated from the firewall it self.

    My Guess is that the WAN IP is used. But i can't explain it.

    But I can't figure out why this goes wrong.

    Anyone has some idea?

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

  • Also, you might be better off using VTI.

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