Network interface mismatch

  • I was troubleshooting a problem on my pfsense box (no video) and after correcting problem I get Network interface mismatch. If someone can walk me through this I’d appreciate

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    How you troubleshoot? What kind of problem?
    What is pfSense box hardware configuration?

  • I fixed the network interface mismatch problem. The original problem was the my pfsense computer was intermittently shutting down. I replaced the power supply, removed 1 memory module at a time and swapped out the video card. No of this work. When I disconnected the Internet, the computer never shuts down. I think I was hacked. What do you guys think? How can I make pfsense more secure?

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    @cubiche said in Network interface mismatch:

    I think I was hacked. What do you guys think? How can I make pfsense more secure?

    Huh? Where do you take it from, that you were hacked? What indicator? And why do you think pfSense got hacked and has to be more secure?
    Sorry that makes no sense.

  • I’m not saying that pfsense isn’t secure. I’m saying that maybe my settings do not make my copy of pfsense secure enough

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    Nothing you have said gives any indication that something nefarious happened. It sounds far more like just bad hardware.

    If you did not have any open firewall rules on WAN and you had changed the default login it's very unlikely anyway.


  • I couldn't find a hardware problem, but i suspect it was a cpu issue. Anyway, I replaced it with a used Dell optiplex 390 with core i5 and things are running smoothly. Thank you for the replys

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