HA Proxy Client Cert Setup

  • We are trying to configure the use of a client cert for some (if not all) sites
    But are not having any luck. Is there a good step by step somewhere?
    I don't have what has been configured ATM as we had to set our settings back from testing.

    Any help/tips with the ACL, Actions, settings would be greatly appreciated!

    (We are using DEV)

  • @vito hi,
    There already a gui block special for user certs, did you tried enable it for one of your frontends?
    If this not enough you can configure custom settings for frontend for user certificate validation usind native haproxy syntax. Good to have in bookmarks: https://cbonte.github.io/haproxy-dconv/ and read what you need. Please use devel package due another one is too old. I even say that devel package is old, waiting for 2.5.x stable with haproxy 2.0 ✌

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