SG-3100 serial GNSS click board not receiving gps sentences

  • sg-3100 had a mikroBUS, so I brought a GNSS click board for NTP GPS. I plug the click board and set settings to generic GPS type, cuau1 with 9600bit. NTP status show GPS Unreach/Pending.

  • LAYER 8

    from console cat the terminal an see if at least the sentences are coming

  • Kiokoman can you give instructions. I tried to do some research to terminal to the click board with cu and got a blank screen.

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    @sauce said in SG-3100 serial GNSS click board not receiving gps sentences:

    GNSS click board

    i really don't know what a mikroBUS is what i mean is
    connect to the sg-3100 via ssh
    and from the console type

    cat /dev/cuau0

    or the like,it could be /dev/cuau1 .. idk
    if you see sentences coming like


    maybe you can do something, if nothing come or that thing need a specific driver basically you are screwed

  • kiokoman i the terminal cat output.

    here is the output:

    mikroBUS is sort of uart slot picture here:

    GNSS click board attached:

    I think I'm screwed. ty the help kiokoman.

  • Netgate Administrator

    You could try:

    cu -l cuau1 -s 9600

    I'm not sure the UART pins are brought out on the mikrobus or defined in the FDT. But you are seeing /dev/cuau1 so... maybe.

    I assume you're seeing the PWR LED light on the module?


  • stephenw10

    I enter the cu command got nothing and putty hangs.
    click board powered green and pps blinking.

    probability i have to go and buy their licensed MikroC for arm ide to make a driver for ntp.

  • Netgate Administrator

    If you want pps into ntp yes you would need a driver of some sort but that won't help the serial input.

    I can see need for licensed software to write a driver though. It just has to listen on whatever pin the pps signal is on.


  • mikroC for ARM with example source code. gnss click board got their GPS paser. cost $300 US. idk want to go and dive into it. further research into writing ntp drivers, paser script send the GPS sentences to the generic driver or install gpsd on pfsense.

  • LAYER 8

    imho 300$... it would be crazy, with 80/90 usd you can go with a raspberry with gps and configure it as a stratum 1 ntp.
    plus if the cuau1 don't answer there isn't mutch you can do even with driver

  • Netgate Administrator

    Yeah that's crazy and seems completely unnecessary. No such code should be required to create a pps driver should you go that route.


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