Fatal trap 12: page fault while in kernel mode

  • Hello.

    We are having multiple random crash with pfsense on netgate sg5100.
    We are getting this issue: Fatal trap 12: page fault while in kernel mode.
    Please see the attached dump log file.
    We suspected hyper-threading but the CPU doesn't have hyperthreading.
    No PHP were errors found.

    Thanks for any help.

  • Log file?

  • Netgate Administrator

    Yes, we would need the full crash report. And multiple crash reports for comparison is useful.

    Open a ticket with us if you think it's a hardware fault or don't want to post the crash reports publicly.


  • Maybe next time put all these logs in one zip file so that people trying to help you don't have to manually download many things?

    The key error is fault code = supervisor read data, page not present, which leads me to believe potentially it's a memory error of some sort. Crashes like that are usually hardware-related.

  • Also @stephenw10
    I would like also to know if it normal that we cannot netgate coreboot upgrade even if we have bought a sg5100


  • Netgate Administrator

    Yes, that's expected. The SG-5100 does not run Coreboot.


  • LAYER 8

    @kom lazy 😂
    pid 12 "irq292: ix0:q1"
    ix0 is the network card
    pid 12 "irq297: ix1:q1"
    ix1 is the network card

    this are repeated on your dump.
    open a ticket as suggested by @stephenw10

  • Netgate Administrator

    Yes, please open a ticket. I would like to look at your config for this.

    The crashes are all almost identical which indicates a software issue. And they are on all interfaces including both igb and ix which is very unusual.

    For reference:

    db:0:kdb.enter.default>  show pcpu
    cpuid        = 0
    dynamic pcpu = 0x8a2100
    curthread    = 0xfffff8000704b620: pid 12 "irq296: ix1:q0"
    curpcb       = 0xfffffe011c653a80
    fpcurthread  = none
    idlethread   = 0xfffff80004958000: tid 100003 "idle: cpu0"
    curpmap      = 0xffffffff82b8bc18
    tssp         = 0xffffffff82bbca90
    commontssp   = 0xffffffff82bbca90
    rsp0         = 0xfffffe011c653a80
    gs32p        = 0xffffffff82bc32e8
    ldt          = 0xffffffff82bc3328
    tss          = 0xffffffff82bc3318
    db:0:kdb.enter.default>  bt
    Tracing pid 12 tid 100099 td 0xfffff8000704b620
    pf_test_state_icmp() at pf_test_state_icmp+0x45a/frame 0xfffffe011c653160
    pf_test() at pf_test+0x1a3a/frame 0xfffffe011c6533b0
    pf_check_in() at pf_check_in+0x1d/frame 0xfffffe011c6533d0
    pfil_run_hooks() at pfil_run_hooks+0x90/frame 0xfffffe011c653460
    ip_input() at ip_input+0x441/frame 0xfffffe011c6534c0
    netisr_dispatch_src() at netisr_dispatch_src+0xa8/frame 0xfffffe011c653510
    ether_demux() at ether_demux+0x173/frame 0xfffffe011c653540
    ether_nh_input() at ether_nh_input+0x32b/frame 0xfffffe011c6535a0
    netisr_dispatch_src() at netisr_dispatch_src+0xa8/frame 0xfffffe011c6535f0
    ether_input() at ether_input+0x26/frame 0xfffffe011c653610
    vlan_input() at vlan_input+0x215/frame 0xfffffe011c6536c0
    ether_demux() at ether_demux+0x15c/frame 0xfffffe011c6536f0
    ether_nh_input() at ether_nh_input+0x32b/frame 0xfffffe011c653750
    netisr_dispatch_src() at netisr_dispatch_src+0xa8/frame 0xfffffe011c6537a0
    ether_input() at ether_input+0x26/frame 0xfffffe011c6537c0
    ixgbe_rxeof() at ixgbe_rxeof+0x7fd/frame 0xfffffe011c653880
    ixgbe_msix_que() at ixgbe_msix_que+0x96/frame 0xfffffe011c6538e0
    intr_event_execute_handlers() at intr_event_execute_handlers+0xe9/frame 0xfffffe011c653920
    ithread_loop() at ithread_loop+0xe7/frame 0xfffffe011c653970
    fork_exit() at fork_exit+0x83/frame 0xfffffe011c6539b0
    fork_trampoline() at fork_trampoline+0xe/frame 0xfffffe011c6539b0
    --- trap 0, rip = 0, rsp = 0, rbp = 0 ---
    db:0:kdb.enter.default>  ps


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