E2Guardian Memory usage getting 98% in Pfsense

  • Dear all,

    If i am enable the E2guardian, My Ram usage always getting full 98%. How it fix this problem.


    kibbs![alt text](Pfsense E2guardian Activity.JPG Increasing.JPG image url)

  • Where are you seeing this 98%? Your dashboard image shows 32%. Squid can take a LOT of memory depending on how you configure it. E2G is an unofficial, unsupported package with not many users running it.

  • @KOM i am missed that screen shot when i seen. after i reboot memory gradually increasing to 98%....!!! Dont know how to solve this in E2guardian...!!!



  • How do you know it's E2G causing the problem? Then there is the question: what is the actual problem you are having? As they say, free memory is wasted memory. Just it being used is not a problem in itself. However, if it is causing slowdowns and disk-thrashing then that is different.

  • @KOM How i am saying E2guardain causing problem...!! when i enable the services Memory gradually increasing. If i am disable E2guardian service. Memory usage comes below 20%.

    What it mean?? i dont know seriously..



  • OK, so RAM usage decreases when E2G is disabled. Good to know.

    In the past, E2G has gobbled up RAM. See here:


    His solution was to turn off MitM web-filtering.

  • @KOM Thank dear i will around on this..!! Before i was configure the Traffic shaper for Bit torrent restriction after our conversation i found these config and deleted the traffic shaper rule. RAM usage decreased now. I will keep post you tomorrow the results after sometime.


  • @KOM said in E2Guardian Memory usage getting 98% in Pfsense:

    His solution was to turn off MitM web-filtering

    Dear , Still i have the same problem. i will follow your solution. Can you please guide me, where i can find this option to turn off MitM web-filtering. Please guide me.



  • I can't help you as I've never installed or used that package. Look around in the options. It's to do with SSL interception, but if you turn that off then you can't do HTTPS content inspection I'm guessing.

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