WAN+2VPN Routing Recovery After Link Failure.

  • I have a WAN with 2x VPNs connections configured in a fallback pool as Tier1 and Tier 2 for preferred connection
    The default route is the VPN pool and explicit routes for services that need permanent connections

    Under gateway monitoring, i have
    "skip rules when gateway is down" checked.

    Problem i have is;

    • over the course of the day, the connection drops and switches to the other VPN as it should.
    • when the service recovers and/or is reverted back to the original VPN i seem to lose routing for some things

    To recover from this, i have to either

    • reboot
    • manually restart dpinger/unbound/reload filters

    I am guessing when a gateway is deleted, the associated rules are deleted too.
    When the gateway is restored, the rules are not restored.

    Would that likely be the answer? If so, is there any way to re-load automatically upon restoration of the gateway?

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