• Hi everyone,

    I'm trying to get a static IP provisioned (and stable) using AT&T DSL over PPPoE. I'm working with a "hand-me-down" modem/gateway, a 2Wire 2701HG. All I want the modem to do is to be set in bridge mode so that I can use my pfSense 1.2.2 embedded behind it to handle the PPPoE connection. I've done that according to the gateway's manual and talking to AT&T, but for some reason, the 2Wire modem is very particular and doesn't seem to allow my pfSense to handle the PPPoE connection. If I do a PPPoE connection directly from a Mac or a Windows machine, it works well. I read there was a PPPoE problem in earlier versions of pfSense, specifically with AT&T, but I thought that was resolved?

    All that said, I'm obviously not impressed with the 2Wire gateway. I'd prefer to use a "dumb" modem that does nothing but act as a bridge. Does anyone have any experience with the Motorola 2200 modem and pfSense? And even better, with that combo on AT&T?

    If anyone has any experience with either of the products and setup, I'd greatly appreciate any tips or ideas.

    Thanks in advance /// Martin

  • It works fine. Glad I could get rid of those awful 2Wire gateways.  ;D