Recurring Shutdowns

  • I'm running a PFSENSE box that shuts down ~2:30 PM every other Friday. I see no record in the logs of a shutdown command and have tried to find a cron job that may be created with no luck. I moved to different hardware but my restoring my config seems to have brought the problem with it. Any suggestions as to what to check that can be responsible for this? System log just seems to end until the machine is powerd on. Would think its random hardware except it seems to happen reliably.

  • Do you know if it's doing a proper shutdown or if its just powering off? I'm not aware of anything that would normally shutdown pfSense on a schedule. Do you have the nut or apcupsd package installed?

  • Netgate Administrator

    Hmm, odd. This brings to mind the various scenarios we've seen where some external event causes problems.
    Like someone is using the outlet for some other appliance at those times. Or the outlet is on a circuit with some other device with catastrophic emc problems.

    If it's that predictable have you ever been able to catch it shutdown? Anything on the console?

    If you have the old hardware still with the same config if you have it powered up at some other location does it still shutdown?


  • LAYER 8

    it's like when all my neighbors turn on they air conditioner at the same time and my tv shut down ? 😂

  • Thanks for the feedback. Shutdowns must be hard as there were no shutdown events logged on device. It is plugged into a UPS and I ran a test on the device. Shutdown was immediate even though it was reporting battery was good. Changed UPS battery and will monitor. Assuming there's a bi-weekly self test that is probably the culprit. Actually a relief as I was thinking something malicious injected something into my depolyment. Thanks all!

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    Ah, nice catch! ☺

  • I've seen that before. I usually open them up, grab my multimeter and test each cell under load and replace the bad one(s). Sometimes they can hold a full charge but die as soon as they're under load.

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