Pfsense motherboard/CPU advise

  • Hi,

    I plan to start my first pfsense experience.

    My needs / setup:

    • 1 Gigabit WAN interface to ISP modem
    • Cisco SG350 L3 switch: will do all the inter-VLAN routing and DHCP server
    • pfsense box: used as firewall and to NAT traffic from VLANs to internet
    • OpenVPN: 1-2 users, no need to more than 300-600 Mbps, I can do with less bandwidth here
    • 4 VLANs setup on the switch for all the routing

    I am thinking to get this hardware:

    ASUS is more expensive + I need to add the PCI-E adapter for 2nd Intel NIC.

    1- Will these boards be fully supported / crash free for pfsense 2.4 and future 2.5 OS ?
    2- Will they fill my needs ?
    3- If I move routing to the pfsense box: will it out perform the hardware switch ?
    4- do the NICs support 802.1Q VLAN tagging ?

    Many thanks for helping me

  • LAYER 8

    yes, personally i will stay away from realtek, probably i will chose the asrock
    there should't be much difference
    yes ->
    Intel® Ethernet Connection I219
     Jumbo Frames (up to 9 kB)
     802.1Q & 802.1p
     Receive Side Scaling (RSS)
     Two Queues (Tx & Rx

  • many thanks, I will buy the Asrock

  • Hi @elodie80 - is there any particular reason you are considering the i3-8100T vs. just the regular i3-8100? I imagine that most of the time I the CPU will probably not run anywhere near the quoted TDP (i.e. the CPU will run at a lower frequency), and the extra 500MHz per core might be nice to have if you will be using OpenVPN.

    Hope this helps.

  • @tman222
    I was planning to go completely fanless
    But yes, fan will be off probably most of the time anyway...
    The 8100 and 9100 are out of stock every where, i will have to wait a few weeks it seems

  • ryen 3200g + gigabyte b450 matx + dual intel nic + 16gb ram + cheap case + 120gb ssd

  • Feedback:
    I went with the Asrock, it works perfectly under Pfsense and has great fan control to run totally silent in a very quiet room.
    CPU i3-9100, overkill but 9100T are hard to find on stock
    Used the intel I219V port for LAN and I211AT for WAN

    Hope it helps other users