SG-3100 LAN Port LED Problem

  • Just configured a new SG-3100 and is working great except for one thing. On one of the 4 LAN ports (LAN3 in my case), the right side LED light is stuck on showing both green and orange lights. It will show this even if I don't have a cable plugged into the specific port.

    I wonder if it is a light malfunction or defective hardware. Has anyone else seen this. I am running that latest version and have tried a full restart.


  • LAYER 8

    uhm not normal. did you try to turn off wait a couple of minutes and turn on again?
    if the problem persist i suggest to open a ticket at

    i think it's in the wrong section of the forum, maybe @johnpoz can move it ?

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    Yeah moved, sure didn't belong in the TNSR section.

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