Virtual IP addresses for beginners

  • I apologize if this has been asked/answered before - it's very hard to find answers to such things and a pointer to an existing answer would be appreciated.

    Basically, up until now, I have had a static IP address from my provider which I just associated with a physical port. Last week, I upgraded my provider account and I now have 5 static IP addresses.

    Question --- do I just add the EXTRA ones as virtual IP addresses in PfSense or does the current static address now have to be turned into a virtual IP address as well?

    Thanks, in advance.


  • Appreciate the really fast response.

    Yeah, I already found that documentation (I try to RTFM as much as possible before asking questions) but unfortunately, it wasn't totally clear to me, kinda too much info beyond my current expertise (I only know enough networking stuff to be dangerous)

    The line "Adds extra IP addresses to an interface." suggested that I just add extra ones and leave the current one as is but I wanted to make sure.

  • Yea..

    In my case I get my primary address on my WAN via DHCP. That is what shows up as my WAN address.

    I then have a virtual IP address that I set 24.x.x.x as an IP Alias on the WAN interface.

    I then set up 1:1 NAT to your server.

    Build WAN rules as you need them and set "Destination" as your servers LAN IP address.

  • Perfect - thanks so much

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