Vlan confusion - tried to create during installation

  • Folks,
      I am most likely missing something here, today I setup 1.2.2 (HD install not embedded) and during the install process attempted to create a vlan off of my xl0 inteface, I did this by just say yes - setup vlans now - identifying the parent interface and assigning vlan tag 1725.  Once the firewall completed installation, the vlans show under interfaces->assign->vlan however they do not show up on the interfaces menu, nor are they available as objects when creating firewall rules.  I have attempted removing the vlans through the interfaces->assign->vlans menu and then recreating them, however this seems to have no affect.  Please point me in the right direction.  Apologizes in advance if this has been covered, I probably used incorrect search terms.


  • Have you created any interfaces using the added VLANs?

  • Well - I have reinstalled and all appears to be well now, or mostly well now I have extreme throughput slowness but that will be a different post.  Thanks for the response!


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