Ruckus Access Points Heartbeat lost in LAN

  • Hi all
    I've several Ruckus R320 APs in my LAN. A Pfsense with the newest version (2.4) is in Front of it.
    In the Logs of the Ruckus APs all two hours the error log: heartbeat lost. In the ruckus forum I've found following:

    I beleive that it could be some timeouts in pfsense. Has anyone an idea how I could fix that? - They are all in the LAN zone.


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    And why would you think pfsense would be involved in devices on lan talking to other devices on lan?

    Is the ZD on a different network then the AP, where pfsense is routing this traffic?

  • Hi @johnpoz
    I've monitored the latency on L2 - no problems. Perhaps on L3 - PFsense is something wrong.
    I've seen such problems in the past with voip and udp timers.


  • Note on that page that nothing implicates your edge firewall/router.

    Possible fixes include:

    1. Verify everything from AP all the way to the ZD

    Unless you have some more elaborate setup your pfsense is not in that path

    1. Make sure UDP ports 12222 and 12223 are opened if there is a firewall in between

    Do you have your LAN segregated somehow?

    1. Check with Ruckus Support and find the appropriate firmware to use

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    As chpalmer explained nicely - unless your network is different than what you have stated pfsense would not be involved in the conversations between the AP and ZD..

    Devices on a network do not talk to the gateway (pfsense) to talk to other devices on the same network.. They only need to send traffic to the gateway, to get OFF the network they are on..

    Since from your statement these devices are all on your LAN, pfsense is not involved in the conversation.. The only possible involvement pfsense could have is if the devices are using pfsense to resolve some fqdn to know where to send the hearbeat. But I have to assume they just talk to an IP, and not some fqdn that needs to be resolved.

    Only other involvement that pfsense might have, is if these devices are dhcp, and your dhcpd is running on pfsense.

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