pfSense IPSEC VPN to Azure VM no Internet

  • I have a site-to-site Virtual Network Gateway connected to an on-prem pfSense firewall. The state shows connected and there is communication, name resolution, and active directory domain membership from Azure VM to on prem domain controller. I can not access the internet from the Azure VM. I have changed the DNS of the Azure VM to my on prem DNS server which allows name resolution of on-prem devices as well as internet sources. I just can not browse the internet from the Azure VM.
    I have added an IPSEC Firewall Rule to allows Any Any traffic from the IPSEC Azure VPN tunnel. The error in troubleshooting on the Azure VM states DNS error, but the Azure VM can resolve internet addresses to IP.
    I haven't modified any LAN Firewall rules. I can't ping the Azure VM from my local onsite network with a response and vice versa from Azure VM. I have on the Network Security Group Allow Internet so it shouldn't be getting stopped at the NSG. I can't seem to figure it out? Any advice? Thanks.


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