New updates to TinyDNS package!

  • Hello everyone,

    ChrisB just very kindly merged a bunch of bug fixes for TinyDNS, so if you've been having problems try reloading the package.
    Along with various behind-the-scenes tweaks, the following are visible changes

    • added MX priority support
    • SOA/NS/MX records are created properly now
    • added option for "raw" TinyDNS records to be able to enter things that the GUI doesn't support yet, (e.g. AAAA records)
    • tweaked TXT record handling to avoid some client side issues with long SPF records
    • tweaked add/edit form headings and descriptions to be a little clearer
    • added TTL field to record listing

    Please respond in this thread if you see any further problems in these areas.


  • Version has also been updated now.

    FYI - apparently when installing an update, the service does not restart automatically.  If you know how to do this manually, great, otherwise a reboot will do the trick.

  • Also appears that an upgrade doesn't always work properly.  This does not appear to be limited to the DNS package as there are similar complaints about other packages.
      In the case of the DNS package though, the symptoms we saw were the service no longer responding to queries after about ten minutes.  (Don't know if it is time or traffic related).  Manually restarting the service through the service status screen would let it run for another ten minutes or so, but that's all.
      The solution we applied, which appears to have fixed it, was to remove the package via the package management screen and then manually delete the /etc/tinydns folder along with the /service/tinydns file.  (Other files appear to have been removed properly by the un-installation script.)
      We left the conf/config.xml untouched, and when the package was reinstalled it picked up all the previous settings just fine and there were no further problems.
      YMMV, etc