pfsense with broadcom AND intel NICs being odd

  • so, I have my firewall with pfsense, and I have built it on fully supported freebsd hardware for my NICs, using two quad port hp branded intel cards, and five dual port hp branded broadcom cards, I know the intel cards work wonderfully, and I have just verified that the broadcom NICs are on the freebsd HCL (NC382T) and yet...for some reason I do not understand, the broadcom cards, all five, do not show up at all within pfsense...

    I am at a loss here.

    my motherboard has dual onboard gig ethernet ports
    and the two quad port ethernet cards, all show in pfsense for a total of 10 ethernet ports, but somehow the additional 10 are not seen anywere and I'm not sure whats going on here haha

    motherboard: supermicro x9dr3-f motherboard revision 1.11a and using the latest bios flashed by supermicro for a repair
    cpus: intel xeon e5-2643s (2x)
    ram: ddr3 ecc 1333 (72 gigs total, registered, varying modules, mostly samsung and hynix)
    storage: 4x 500gb sata drives directly plugged into the motherboards sata chipset, NOT the sas storage chipset
    OS : pfsense 2.4.4 R3 freshly installed a few days ago, just this week.

  • LAYER 8

    they should be supported with bce driver
    check from console if they are seen by the os with
    pciconf -v -l

  • Netgate Administrator

    Yeah check pciconf -lv at the command line, check the boot log.

    What exactly are you planning to do with that? That's a monster hardware spec for pfSense.


  • @High_Voltage ,

    I have seen this problem many times with Supermicro motherboards and Intel NIC's.
    Remove all the extra cards, and configure one of the onboard NIC to login through the Web GUI.
    Navigate to Diagnostics -> Edit File -> Browse to /boot/loader.conf
    Add this line in your loader.conf file :


    Save and shutdown pfSense.
    Now add the extra NIC's and they shall be recognized correctly now.


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