Factory reset from Shell (Single User Mode)

  • I have an old SG-4860 that stopped working after a reboot and console shows a bunch of errors before it gets to the login prompt.

    It's running 2.4.4. Is it possible to do a factory reset from single user mode? I can't get the factory reset button to work.

  • LAYER 8

    check if you can launch /etc/rc.initial.defaults after remounting rw the filesystem

  • Maybe better install OS from scratch in your case?)
    It more solid and quicker resolution

  • Ended up doing the install OS / reimage route since time was pressing. Worked out since I had a backup config from just before the reboot. Always backup the config.


  • On install of OS you have options to recover config.xml from previous install before format drive.
    FYI: now you can auto backup config for free out of box to netgate servers in encrypted way. Or if you have paranoid you can use curl script to download backups on another unix-based machine internally.

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