Split incoming traffic - multiple IP-adresses

  • Sorry, actually I do not know the correct technical termini for my problem:

    I have a WAN with multiple IP-adresses: x.y.z.80/29
    I would like to split up the incoming and outgoing traffic. EG traffic coming for x.y.z.86 all forward to
    or traffic incoming for x.y.z.85:1090 forward to
    or all traffic outgoing from through x.y.z.84

    How do i achieve that? I have a NG 1100.


  • Not clear, what you're trying to achieve exactly.
    If want a specific external IP to be forwarded to a specific internal IP and outgoing packets from that specific internal IP should get that specific external IP, you can do that with NAT 1:1. Firewall > NAT > 1:1
    Add a new rule, just enter the external IP (e.g. x.y.z.86), at "Internal IP" select "single host" and enter your internal IP (e.g., enter a description and save the rule.

    So packets for the public IP x.y.z.86 get forwarded to, while packets coming from going out to the internet get the IP x.y.z.86.

    If you don't want NAT 1:1 you can forward incoming packets with port forwarding rules (Firewall > NAT > Port Forward) and set outbound NAT rules separately in Firewall > NAT > Outbound. You will have to switch the outbound NAT into the hybrid mode first and then add rules for the WAN interface to fit your needs.

  • ok, that's exactly what I am doing but what is not working :(

  • LAYER 8 Rebel Alliance

    Show screenshots so we can see what you really did.


  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    Port forward rules for the inbound connections. Outbound NAT for the outgoing connections. It works.

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