Help Diagnose Network Delay At Specific Time

  • I have an issue with my internet, where at certain times the internet drops dead. I'm wondering if it's a setting inside my pfsense that could cause this. I've been running this pfsense setup for several years. I have pfBlockerNG (with DNSBL and custom Ipv4 lists) and Suricata packages installed. I've done a lot of testing on my own and have come up scratching my head, so I need a bit of advice on what to look at. The only thing I haven't done that I want to do is set the pfsense to a different time and see what happens. I have all my pc's using ntp from pfsense so I hate to disable a bunch of stuff but it would tell me something I know.


    I have tried to download large files at this time to watch what happens and I can see dropouts at times such as 8:30pm, 8:33pm, 8:48pm, 9:33pm and 9:35pm just as examples. Bandwidth falls to 0kb/s then goes back to normal in a couple minutes time. I changed to a new network card and replaced cables. I saw a slightly bulging capacitor on the motherboard and replaced that. I'd switch my pfsense to another pc if I had one but I don't. Just hoping to draw some conclusions before blaming my WISP for this problem.

    Thanks for any help you can provide.

  • What does the WAN traffic graph look like ?

    Does it peak at the same time ?

    I highly doubt this is something that you've caused, the times are just too random.

    Status / Interfaces any collisions or in/out errors ?

  • Sorry, I should have included that detail. I've been looking at this issue for about a month, so you can imagine my brains a blank on everything by now. I didn't grab a screenshot of the traffic graph but I have observed it and noticed the WAN drops to 0 at about the same times. The graph and the download indicator don't match perfectly but it's close enough you can see the entire internet drops dead at those times. I've observed nothing in system logs during that time period. I have Interface Statistics on my main dashboard and there are 0 errors in or out and no collisions.

    I have told my WISP about this issue and that every night my internet has issues at around 8pm and they originally couldn't find a problem but then after i complained a second time they said they found an issue and fixed it but the graph above is from last night so it wasn't whatever they fixed. I've been through ntopng and can't find anything there. It really looks like it's an ISP problem to me, given I can't see pfsense using that bandwidth for anything.

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