• Any Kerbonauts here?

  • Welcome to Mun!


    Welcome to Minmus!


  • LAYER 8 Moderator

    Naaaah don't tease me! I never got the time to play more then the tutorial and even that was addicting. Saw the teaser for Kerbal 2 and was immediately hyped. (is a sucker for all games 'space') 😁

  • I'm also just learning, and I've watched about 20 hours of videos just to get to this point. Kerbal has the highest learning curve of any game I've ever played. I made it to Minmus and back, but got stuck on Mun.

    Right now I'm playing with a music mod so that I can add appropriate music to my situations. Nothing better than drifting through space listening to Ozric Tentacles (psychedelic space-rock), or the Gravity or Interstellar soundtracks.

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