• Hi!

    I've used pfsense for just firewall some ADSL lines. But now I need more complex configuration and I want to know if this can be used with pfsense.

    I have a line with 16 public IPs. I must use bridge for the IPs to pass to the lan. I think that I can use firewall to protect and control that 16 IPs. Or not ? Is bridge a problem for this ?

    I for the last, I need to do NAT over one of this public IPs with the internal LAN. Is this possible ? Bridge the WAN and OPT1 interfaces, use firewall on this and make NAT over one IP from WAN to the LAN port ?

    Thanks and sorry for my bad english.

  • you should have no problems

    look up "1 to 1 nat" and "advanced outgoing nat"