No Wan after re boot from power failure

  • Hi
    I had a working PFsense setup.
    router –--> pfsense ------> LAN
    after a power cut and then a reboot I can no longer reach the internet nor ping the WAN NIC card.
    Everything appears to be the same as previously.
    The diagnostics show both interfaces as up.
    I have switched the cards around to check if one is faulty but get same result.
    I can ping and use web interface on the LAN card but get no response from WAN card
    I have changed rules to allow all traffic on both cards
    I have noticed that in the system diagnostics a message
    Kernel: ARP: xx.xx.xx.193 (which is router gateway address) is on fxp0 (which is LAN card ) but got reply from xx.xx.xx.xx.xx.xx. on rl0 (which is WAN card)
    Could anyone point me in the right direction of further test I can do to ascertain the problem or let me know what further information is needed.
    Or if this has happened to anyone else the solution.
    Do I need to reinstall?
    Thanks for your time

  • It looks as if you have messed up your configuration  in the addresses you have assigned to your interfaces don't correspond to reality.

    The kernel ARP message is telling you that the router gateway address is in the address range assigned to your LAN interface but a system with that address is actually on the network connected to your WAN interface.

    Possibly when you switched the cards you didn't also adjust the configuration to switch the address ranges as well.

  • I changed the cards back again to the original format after checking they were OK.
    I am working only with static addresses  -no dhcp -
    If I change the address range assigned to my lan interface (not sure how) so that the router address is no longer in the range should this fix the problem?
    Static addresses are
    wan card 50.221
    lan card 50.220
    lan range 50.195 to 50.219
    problem has me stumped and I am begining to think  a reinstall is the only way - although I would just set up as is now so how would that work
    thanks for your help
    any further insight would be useful

  • IP addresses are normally written as four decimal numbers separated by dots, e.g.

    You haven't given the full addresses but given what you have earlier reported it looks as if you have a basic configuration error - your WAN interface and LAN interface are in the same network - they must be in different networks.

  • Hi
    Yes  I apologise just put last two sections of IP address
    I used these address4s before and pfsense seemed to work fine however I think that I must have bridged lan to Wan
    I have now kept same addresses and bridged and it appears to be working.
    Should I simply give wan card an "odd" address say and unbridge
    What is the advantage/disadvantage of bridged
    Thank you again for your time