2 XBoxes, Both Open NAT, 1 Cannot Play?

  • So I have two xboxes connected behind pfsense.
    I went thru the tutorials to get Open NAT and that works fine.
    I was trying to play COD MW open Beta this weekend, but one of the xboxes refuses to connect to the game.
    The game responds "Services not available".

    Whats strange is when I remove pfsense and just use the supplied wifi router from my ISP, both xboxes can connect, have open nat, and play fine.

    Whats also strange, when pfsense is in the mix, when I dissable the NAT rule for one xbox only making it "strict" nat, that xbox will then connect to the game but be unable to join parties.

    I am hoping someone here with vastly more knowledge can chime in and help trouble shoot this.

    I have also added the UPNP rules for pretty much all ports allowed to the xboxes, as well as a deny rule blocking port 3074 to force the xbox to randomize that port.

  • I was in the same situation but with 2 PS4's and i tried everything i could think of, never had an issue with any other games previously.

    It was exactly the same situation as you too with both being open NAT the 2nd device that connects would never be able to connect to COD online services - never had an issue with any game previously using just UPnP limited to the 2 PS4's. After fiddling about setting NAT rules we could then connect to COD online services and join the same party but it would never start a game if we were both in the lobby - as soon as either one of us left that lobby it would then start.

    Not sure if you're still reading this or can use the same solution I did but i ended up buying an 8 block of IP's from my ISP and route one of them for my PS4 - we can now play in the same game.

    I'm not sure how consumer ISP routers are able to get around this issue, i know of two households successfully able to play COD Modern Warfare with multiple devices connected successfully and playing in the same lobby/game.......although they do get the odd disconnection, i wonder if the router is able to do some dodgy UPnP stuff that isn't standard practice.

  • @Gilera
    Buying more IP’s is not an option for me. I agree though, I do not understand how a cheap supplied WiFi router can give you open NAT on both boxes and play online no issues.
    I did notice the second Xbox trying repeatedly to open port apon port trying to connect to COD serves when pfsense was configured to give both boxes Open NAT.
    Almost seems like pfsense is not keeping track of the ports and the traffic is not getting thru for the second one.
    Also the supplied WiFi router from charter seemed like it was a static port hybrid, where it would static port if it was able to, but then change the destination port if it could not.

    In the end, I went with one Xbox open nat( the wife’s) and one strict nat(mine).
    The only thing I changed was making mine non static port in the NAT rules.
    I can still play games this way but not sure why. It plays like it’s open, but it’s reporting as strict.

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