internet traffic routed to opt1 instead of wan

  • Hello.
    i'm really new and green at pfsense. what i'm trying to do is the following:
    i have an ubiquiti erx connected to a FTTH access;
    on the erx i have a failback/backup route pointing to the pfsense, the route works fine;
    my pfsense has a usb 3g dongle as wan, working fine;
    my interfaces on pfsense are: wan=ppp0(cuaU0.2); lan=re0 (this is main data vlan untagged); opt1=vlan31 on re0 (guest vlan tagged 31);
    the problem that i'm facing is that the traffic on the pfsense is routed to the opt1 interface and not wan. already tried altering the cost of the routes; desabling route opt1, but still traffic doesn't go out on wan and persists on going out to opt1 interface.
    Can anyone help? thanks

  • So post your routing table, please. Diagnotic > Routes

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