• I have a media server on my wired LAN, and one my media extenders is on the wireless LAN. For security reasons I have the two separated and firewalled, but I would like the extender to see the UPnP SSDP annoucements from the media server as there's no manual facility to enter HTTP media servers. Is this possible?

    It looks like the media server software sends some traffic to, and I'm thinking it would work fine to just mirror the traffic verbatim out the WLAN interface; it contains hostnames that will resolve on either side and my rules will allow the traffic. Ideas?

  • are the two on seperate subnets?

  • Yes, that's the issue ;)

  • Afaik the announcement of the UPnP service is being done via a broadcast.

    At least if i connect an UPnP capable device in a different subnet to my switch.
    Then a UPnP "client" can see that UPnP device, but cannot communicate with it due to the different subnet.

    Since you already have a pfSense between the two subnets i imagine it would be enough if you had some kind of "broadcast proxy".
    I'm personally interested to get something like this going, but i just haven't found the time to get started on it.
    Someone already did some work on this:

  • Thanks very much for that, this code seems to be very similar to what I need (though it's pretty trivial anyway). I guess I will just write something similar from scratch.