How to set up DDNS as a cron job

  • It seems that when I add more than 2-3 entries on the DDNS updater it fails. So, I thought about using the Cron package to manually add/edit an/the update task.


    I thought I'd find my way around but now I'm actually there I'm not sure if I'm on the right task /usr/bin/nice -n20 /etc/rc.dyndns.update or if I should even edit it instead of adding an additional task 'cause I'm seeing that (if it's the correct one) it's set to update every hour but I don't know if it actually runs every hour or it's only trigger when it detects an interface change because I've seen it go without fixing itself for days until I manually force updates.

    Screen Shot 2019-09-23 at 13.57.31.png

    I'm relatively new to UNIX-like systems, so I'm more familiar with the systemd structure that <whatever it's called> on FreeBSD. Looking at it I think it says run with priority of 20 (bc I remember nice from top) the script or some sort of wrapper rc.dyndns.update (bc of the location).

    I followed the location I tried my luck with "cat /etc/rc.dyndns.update" I figured if it actually was the binary it would just show some gibberish and no harm done.

    alt text

    There's no mention of the binary, I assume it would start with "/" after a space/linebreak. I just noticed php-cgi. Also, all the repetition of the "once" and "interface" plus the hourly scheduling makes me think that this is somehow executed every hour but only if triggered by a change in the interface and if succeeds, even partly like in the image above, it stops and waits for another interface change? Am I remotely right??

    I need this badly –– after finally making up my mind about getting a fixed IP, I learned that my ISP decided to do away with them and add a symmetric speed add-on that makes no ******* sense without a fixed IP! 🤬

    Sidenote: I just noticed this hang up on the network and noticed the address changed, it was really odd bc the service-if flawed-is rock solid and my mind went briefly to like a coding error bc it looks like the numbers shifted sideways but then I was like--that's silly, computers don't work with visual aids.

    Thanks for your help !

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