Hello to all

  • Hi all,
    I just put together nice itx mobo with processor memory and ssd.
    This will be my new router.
    Before I deploy this to my network I would like to confirm
    that it is safe and dandy to run it out of vanilla install.
    I had quick scan thro all the settings, seems ok to fire it "out of the box", (some of these do not ring any bells, so I will have nice time learning...)

    Config of interfaces is to be WAN1, WAN2 for possible load balancing, LAN.
    Would you add monitoring LAN interface from main managed switch (as some traffic will not reach the router) - just for fun to see what is going on.

    Best regards

  • Netgate Administrator

    Yes, the default config is safe to run in almost all setups.

    You want to monitor the LAN interface from something else? There's no harm in doing that. I wouldn't expect it to show you much though.


  • Thanks.

    Curently I am runnig it from within my network to play a bit and tweak it.

    Regarding lan2 interface. I am going to configure managed switch to mirror traffic to sniffer port (hopefully this conf will cope with all the traffic). This is for mapping all the traffic within local net, including traffic that does not go thro router. If this will not work I will just use normal config.


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