How Can I Tell if pfSense is "Seeing" XG-7100-1U Optional 4-Port NIC?

    • I recently purchased five NetGate XG-7100-1U units with the optional 4-port network expanion card installed.
    • The units shipped with current pfSense software and coreboot software already installed.
    • It is clear as mud to me how to get the pfSense software to see anything related to the optional 4-port network card.
    • I have been through Netgate's manuals, and while I find advice on how to install your own expansion card, I find nothing on how to get pfSense to recognize them, or how to see evidence that the card is being detected.
    • Seeking advice from someone wiser than I.

    For Reference:

    Remember, I just bought these units... with this NIC pre-installed. Thanks.

  • Once I got desperate enough to articulate my problem, the answer presented itself. Here they are:
    Thanks for hanging with me on this.

  • Netgate Administrator

    Exactly, it is recognising the igb NICs on the expansion card and they are assigned but probably not enabled by default.
    You should be able to use that like any other interface.


  • @stephenw10 Yes, I have them working now. Thanks.

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