SG-1100 - Replace a PC based PfSense 2.4.4 firewall

  • Hi everyone

    I am really battling with the config of a new SG-1100
    We had previously installed a Core 2 Duo based PC to handle the VLANs at a new site. Unfortunately, the client is not happy with the size of the PC next to the rack, so we opted for an SG-1100 to sit nicely in the rack.

    Unfortunately, it is not as simple as I thought it would be to configure.

    I currently have the WAN interface on DHCP from a Mikrotik RouterBoard on a Realtek NIC.
    The onboard Intel NIC is handling the VLANs and routing.

    There are 9 VLANs in total, each carrying a maximum of 15-20 devices during the heaviest usage. I was told by the local distributor of Netgate that the 1100 should be able to handle it without any issues.

    My confusion comes in with configuring the VLANs on the OPT port. My managed switches are configured to use VLAN1 for management devices, and then VLANs 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 20, 30 & 100.

    Please can someone give me a run down on how I would configure the SG-1100 for this to work. I have tried following the guide in the manual, but it says to trunk VLANs 4090, 4091 & 4092 on one port. When I tried that, I took the network down and had to default and reconfigure the managed switch.

    Appreciate any help I can get with this.

    Thank you very much

    Matt Williams
    SC Tech

  • Netgate Administrator

    Hmm, not exactly sure what you're asking here. You need to trunk all of those VLANs between WAN and OPT1?

    And you need to filter between them or just pass them between the ports?

    By VLAN1 do you mean untagged leaving the switches?


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