What's new in the latest squid package?

  • i'm currious as to what's new in 2.6.21_09
    i have my squid working well and i had to modify /usr/local/pkg/squid.inc to get it working right….i was looking for release notes but i couldn't find them on google or in the forum
    i DID use search, i'm sorry if i missed something

  • A quick look at the Squid web site found these official release notes for Squid 2.6.21.

  • I just tested the new squid package 2.6.21_09.

    With transparent proxy off I get no filter load error. But with transparent proxy on I get an error on the following line:
        rdr on $pptp proto tcp from any to !($pptp) port 80 -> port 80

    This looks like the squid proxy redirect line. Not sure why it has PPTP content, I don't have any PPTP switched on.

    Could be a bug, anybody else see this on this new squid package?


    [edit] I just saw Compmaster has another thread showing the same symptom, so it could be a problem with that package.

  • yah, i know but i didn't see any link for 2.6.21**_09**

    i assumed the part after the _ was a pfsense thing….i searched both google and the site before asking....i was just wondering what's different compaired to 2.6.21_08

  • At first I thought it was just me. Apparently there are multiple people experiencing this problem. Does anybody know how to install a stable version?

    I was trying to install squid + squidguard because its very important that the network I work on has web filtering. It seems as if the transparent proxy is the problem here, because whenever I manually set the machines to that proxy, it will filter websites.

  • man, like a dipshit i accidentally installed this package….i honestly don't know why...i KNEW it was broken.....doesn anyone know the fix for the filter load errors it's causing?

  • i was able to fix the filter reload error by removing the lines about pptp from /usr/local/pkg/squid.inc
    i'm still getting some errors at bootup but everything SEEMS to be working and the filters load along with squid working

    this is not the ideal fix though

    one of the errors reads something like this

    ERROR unknown DS name qPenaltyUP

  • Yes that stopped the error for me too. I can't test if squid is working with this fix as I'm the wrong side of that firewall at the moment.
    Incidentally the "qPenaltyUP" error and the presence of the new file "squid_canShape.inc" suggests that there's some hope for traffic shaping + squid coming soon? Hope so.
    This has been mentioned before as a version 2.0 feature only, but would be good to see it in 1.2.3.

    [Update] Ignore the "_canShape" ref. in this post. I think it's one of my own mods from a while back when attempting the shaping described in the next post down. Sorry for confusion….N.

  • squid IS working, i added a blacklist site and tested it, it blocked it
    also checked logs…still annoyed with the other errors

    i have traffic shaping with squid working

    theres a REALLY good guide about it here

    it worked flawlessly without errors last squid package and it's STILL working with the current errors once you drop the pptp rules but like i said that is NOt the real fix

  • the portion after the underscore if a pfsense thing that indicates new bugfixes or features in the pfsense package…
    please reinstall your squid package and test if the pptp error is gone ?

  • Just reinstalled. Installation re-wrote squid.inc. I no longer get the PPTP error.

  • so i should delete it and reinstall it and it'll work?

    nope, still errors

  • I didn't get the PPTP error before but now that I'm home and on the LAN side of the firewall I'm afraid squid is not serving content from the cache.
    A reboot does not give the PPTP error.  But a service stop/start raises the PPTP alert again.