BT Fibre & Netgate SG-2220

  • Hi All,

    At my previous house i had 80/20 with a Netgate SG-2220 at the headend with an OR Modem in which i had a slight drop in speed (2Mbps max) which for the line was fantastic.

    I have now moved to a property witch ive put the same access point at the headened with 55/10 and a sync speed with BT HH5 of 38/7. With the Netgate i get 30/5. Is this a flaw with the OR Modem or could it be something to do with my settings in PfSense?

    Any help will be appreciated

  • Netgate Administrator

    It's probably a lower sync speed. That may increase over a few days.
    The SG-2220 is capable of far more that that.

    Try establishing a PPPoE session from a laptop connected directly to the modem. What speed do you see there?


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