GRE over IPSec - Interface statistics

  • Hi,

    I'm having a wierd issue with my GRE over IPSec tunnels.
    Everything works fine, the only issue is that the "Interface statistics" panel on pfSense dashboard shows no inbound traffic, the "Packets in" and"Bytes in" collumns for the GRE interfaces shows 0
    On the other hand the "Traffic graphs" on the dashboard shows all the traffic for the GRE interfaces, both inbound and outbound, so I don't understand why the "Interface statistics" won't show anything on Packets in" or "Bytes in"

    Here is what it looks like, first the "Interface statistics:

    alt text

    And then the Traffic graphs for all interfaces.
    And as you can see there is quite some traffic flowing in on OPT6 and OPT7 which are two of the GRE intefaces.
    OPT 8 which is the third GRE interface isn't set up at the other end, and therfore there isn't any real traffic flowing there.

    alt text

    Any idea what can cause this, or is it simply some wierd bug in the traffic counters?

  • Noone has any ideas, are ther any logs or such I can supply to enlighten things?

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