Pfsense directly connected to fiber dsl (No modem)

  • Hi Guys,

    I had opened a similar topic a few years ago when i saw a customer run pfsense directly via RJ45 Bell Fibe connection without any modem, i failed to replicate thus gave up.

    I was wondering if there were any development on this matter since then..


  • It's more a matter of what your ISP (I'm assuming it's Bell Fibe, but you don't say for sure) can provide on your end.

    To do this, they would need to terminate their fiber with an ONT box that presents you with a single ethernet port. They also need to give you at least 1 public IP address that you can program your pfsense box to use as it's WAN address. Basically, if they can give you an ethernet port, you can do anything with that.

    That's the simple way. Other ways involve VLAN's from your provider, or a modem that you or they can put into bridge mode. If you can bridge, the practice of running a physical ISP modem kind of disappears. Meaning, you won't even notice it's a part of the network connection, it almost becomes invisible.

    Any new developments, like what?

    As far as I know, pfsense has added nothing special to make this type of connection work. This is still basic networking stuff, the only thing that has changed over the years is that now certain ISP's can put an ethernet port ONT in your house, but many don't.


  • I have CenturyLink fiber, from outside it goes to their ONT that's in my office, then ethernet directly to my PC running pFsense. Centurylink uses PPoe, so I have to enter those credentials in pFsense as well as I needed to VLAN tag the WAN with what Centurylink uses (201). After that no problems. I get 940+ up and down on their gig line.

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