Would it be possible to set up a transparent proxy on a seperate ip

  • i was going to post this in the packages forum but after thinking about it it's not really related directly to the squid package in pfsense.

    what i'd like to do is this:
    i'd like to set up a seperate machine as a proxy with the squid>hapv>squid configuration sometimes refered to as "squid sandwich" but at the same time i'd like it to work as a transparent proxy…i know this is probably difficult if not impossible but wouldn't it be possible somehow via vlan or some special port forwarding setup?

    all outgoing port 80 gets redirected to the proxy machine on some arbitrary port which is then used to go through the proxies then back to the gateways?
    it might be because it's so late or it might be because i'm just not thinking as clearly as i normally do but i keep feeling like it's just outside my mental grasp.

    i wouldn't have an issue with this setup running ON the pfsense router but all the info i've read from the forum suggests it's not possible.