not sure if its a bug or just so you know when renaming interfaces

  • hi
    not sure if this is a bug or not..but I was cleaning up settings renaming better etc... and you know how you rename a certificate or alias is renames across the board right?

    well I was renaming my interfaces and lost my internet.. was looking at things didn't see issue I restored and internet back.. so I re named again.. and lost it...
    finally found it.
    if I rename an interface it doesn't get renamed across the board
    under my Routing --> GatewayGroups
    it was gone... it keeps the old interface name..

    so if I had group for Teir 1 GateWay1
    and I renamed Interface Gateway1 to Gateway_1
    saved it then internet gone
    but when you goto Routing Gateway groups
    then it will say Teir 1 GateWay2
    and it erases Gateway_1 but if I renamed interface Gateway_1 back to Gateway1 then the routing gateway groups shows the both... so it doesn't link it

    Im not sure if its a worth while post since you guys all experts and probably know this.. I didn't know and figured I ask if its a bug or that's normal

    hopefully haven't wasted anyones time reading

  • Netgate Administrator

    If you rename an interface that change should be propagated throughout the config as the interfaces have a separate field for the 'name'. Things the use the interface such as firewall rules always use the internal interface name which does not change.
    However that's not true for gateways. The gateway name is used directly by everything that requires it such as firewall rules and gateway groups. So if you change the gateway name anything referring to it becomes invalid.

    As such I believe that's the expected behaviour though it could certainly be seen as undesirable. You could open a feature request.


  • ah ok thanks for the reply.. ill see about posting a feature request.. as for me I didn't know I found it because I kept renaming and loosing internet... and didn't know where I lost it...

    thank you

  • is there a sub folder for Feature requests? I looked I didn't see one.. where would I post that

  • Netgate Administrator

    Ah sorry I failed to add the link. 😉

    Bug reports and feature requests go here:


  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

  • is that "changing the name on a Gateway is not allowed" the same as me renaming "Interfaces/assignments" but I guess so as that's where the internet for what you want is going..
    as im allowed to change it..

    but thank you jimp for your input too (:

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