Rounter via OpenVPN with PIA as service provider

  • Hi All

    This post might be doublicate - i tried to create a post, but apperently it did go though, so trying again..

    Im very new to FPsense and not a network guy, but do know the basic of networking, so....

    Im trying to setup a box with the following interfaces


    Currently my lan interface is .2 - later i want to have 2 ips on that interface - one that routes trafic directly to the internet, the other that routes traffic via VPN, so i can chose how to route, either by the default gw on the client, or via outbound rules defined on the fpSense box, which is running on vmware.

    Right now, i can create a bsic outbound nat rule that routes all trafic just fine to the internet, but im hvping problem routing via PIA VPN - the tunnel seems to be up, but im not able to ping via the VPN (using the diag/ping menu)

    Here is a few screenshots of my rather basic setup:




    and a screen shot of my VPN Client log:


    I have a few custome client settings as well:
    reneg-sec 0
    remote-cert-tls server

    Can anyone see what im mssing or have done wrong, thanks

    PS. i know PIA might not be the best choise given the current laws in the US, but might change that in the future.

  • Just realized that i posted in the wrong section - going to repost in the right section.

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