NATing a single interface

  • Our edge router has two "WAN" interfaces. One that goes to a 3rd party over a private circuit and the other is our internet gateway. I only want to NAT on our Internet WAN interface. So normally I would would switch automatic NAT to manual NAT and go down the list and delete all entries that related to our private circuit WAN interface. This works but because we have so many internal networks its around 200 individual NAT rules (including those for ISAKMP). This is also a problem if we change our internal networks then we have to remember to add/change our NAT rules. Is there any risks/problems with creating a "any" NAT rule for our internet WAN interface?

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    Don't put a gateway on the interface for the private circuit WAN interface and no auto-NAT rules will be created.

    What impact that will have depends on what you are doing with it.

    Are you accessing the internet over the private circuit WAN too or just the private networks on the other side?

  • @Derelict We are just accessing private networks on the other side of the private circuit. I have static routes setup to point to the 3rd party so don't i have to have a gateway created?

  • @Derelict nevermind i understand what you mean now. I can have a gateway just don't assign it under the interface settings itself...

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