DO NOT set gateway via DHCP

  • This shares a title with a post from 2011, but my question still stands after reading that post.


    I want to have an interface that serves DHCP but does not declare itself to be a gateway. How can I disable the gateway advertisement but maintain DHCP?

    Details & Background:

    My network has WAN & LAN & OPT1. LAN can access WAN & OPT1 cannot access WAN. However there are machines that act as a bridge between LAN & OPT1--one interface on LAN & one on OPT1. Both LAN & OPT1 have a DHCP server, and both are advertising as default gateways but OPT1 does not have an internet connection and should not be advertising as the default gateway. Unfortunately the "block all traffic from OPT1 on the WAN firewall" rule does not seem to communicate this to the rest of the system. Please help me figure out what this needs to get going!

    Thanks :)

  • Did you read the hint near the gateway option in the DHCP settings?

    The default is to use the IP on this interface of the firewall as the gateway. Specify an alternate gateway here if this is not the correct gateway for the network. Type "none" for no gateway assignment.

  • @viragomann I most surely did not (or had long forgotten about it). I was totally looking in the wrong place. Thank you for your help on a simple problem that was driving me crazy!!!

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