IP address conflict since 2.4.4 upgrade

  • I have three Asus Routers. One is the master and the other two are AiMesh nodes. I recently upgraded pfsense to 2.4.4. Shortly thereafter, I started noticing some general instability in my network. Sporadic DNS lookup failures, sporadic ping failures, connection failures, slowness, etc. I checked the pfsense logs, and saw many, many entries for another device using my pfsense LAN interface IP. Looking up the offending MAC address revealed that it was one of my Asus AiMesh nodes. As soon as I shut it down, network stability returned. Today, I'm now seeing a message indicating that the other AiMesh node is using my pfsense LAN interface IP, although the network remains stable.

    My pfsense LAN interface IP is x.1. My AiMesh nodes are setup to use x.101 and x.124, so I can't explain what is going on here.

    Why the detected conflict? Does anyone have any experience with AiMesh and pfsense together? Why only since the upgrade to 2.4.4.


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